The taste of sweet memories


We deliver pastry mostly to supermarkets. We offer products of real craftsmanship and the highest quality, with the authentic flavours of a real bakery!

Due to a rising demand from our customers, we make pastry in-house since 2005. The vision for Roelandt's growth was already visible at that time, because we chose to take over a former pastry supplier, which acquainted us a lot of knowledge on the matter.

The production in Lokeren is largely automated. Dough and cream fillings are made mechanically, products are filled on filling lines and the tompouces, cakes and flatcakes are cut by an ultrasonic slicer. Finishing the products still is true workmanship. In which we spend a lot of time and care. Every day, around 40 employees are fully engaged in spraying whipped cream and topping the banquet. We make delicious pastries, fruit cakes, eclairs and tompouces. And during the yearly seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween , we also make the typical seasonal products.

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