About us

Roelandt loves bread! Because it's delicious but also because the art of baking has been part of our genes. For 70 years, the love for bread and pastry has played a central role in our family. Started as a smaill village bakery, we' ve grown into one of the leading industrial bakeries of Belgium. All goodies from our ovens are made according the recipes from grandpa’s time. We happily pass on the respect for the craft of bakery to the next generations. In combination with modern production methods, we will continue to ensure high quality products!

We have a large assortment that serves anyone’s needs: from fresh daily made bread for schools, clubs and unions, supermarkets and big events to frozen prebaked bread and sandwiches which we deliver to national and international wholesalers and distributors. We distinguish a number of product groups: fresh, pre-baked and deep-frozen bread, buns and rolls, Danish pastries and patisserie. Our fresh products are mainly delivered in Belgium, whereas the prebaked and frozen products are delivered 24/7 throughout Western Europe. We own an extensive carfleet with 50 drivers on the road. This way, our products are always delivered oven-fresh.

Interesse in ons aanbod?

Bent u eigenaar of uitbater van een bakkerij, een cateringbedrijf of een supermarkt en heeft u interesse in onze verse producten?

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