Bread grows great people


Daily fresh bread

Eating a delicious fresh sandwich in the morning is a great start of the day for almost everyone. We also love that ourselves. That is why we ensure every day that our customers are supplied with fresh bread. And that is a challenging process. Good timing is very important in the production of our daily fresh products. There is only a limited time interval between recording the orders, the production and the start of the actual distribution.

Orders can be comitted until late afternoon, after which they are processed and the baking is prepared. Next the production takes place, after cooling down, the bread is allocated and prepared for distibution. In the early hours our trucks leave from our location in Zele. Our intention is that the loaves are delivered at the customer before 07.00 hours.

Our products literally enter the trucks whilst still warm: ensuring truly fresh bread!

Prebaked bread

Our fresh prebaked bread is mostly delivered to supermarkets and bakeries. This product is an addition to our daily freshmade assortment. It's a real added value for our customers because it is often difficult to estimate how much demand there is for a particular product in one day. Back in the day orders were regularly to large because selling a hard 'no', nobody likes to do. But luckily now there is a solution to this problem. The fresh premade bread can be baked any time during the day. This way, the consumer always ends up with fresh bread!

Frozen bread

Our third product category entails frozen products. It is a nice addition to the fresh and the prebaked products. The difference between these products and our fresh prebaked bread is that these products are frozen at the end of the production process. We deliver these products mainly to wholesale stores both home and abroad.

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