Quality runs like a red thread through our production process. We are IFS certified. This is a 'standard' in the area of food safety, which is higher than the legal requirements.

IFS regularly conducts an audit with us. Our business operations are critically reviewed. Processes at the factory are looked at in detail and the tracking systems of raw materials or other resources are verified. Only certified suppliers are allowed to deliver us their products. And before taking these products to use in production, another strict quality control takes place. This way we guarantee the customer that we only use top quality ingredients.

Our employees are involved in the production process as much as possible. Besides it being a lot of fun, this serves another purpose: functionality. If you know what the end product should look like, all small non-conformities immediately catch your eye. Every 'Roelandt-product' should have the same quality, taste and shape. Our employees have a high level of knowledge and are continuously updated with several trainings a year about modifications of the production process. In this way we ensure that the customer continues to receive the quality that he is used to.

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