Recent years we have experienced extensive growth. Currently, Roelandt has more than 300 employees. All of which share the same love and passion for bread and pastry.

As such, there is a relaxed, open, and collegial atmosphere on the workfloor. The organization is organized in a horizontal manner, making everyone easily accessible. Together, we try our best to improve the company every day!

But how did it al started?

Once upon a time

Grandfather Jos Roelandt had been baking bread from a very early age.In 1946, shortly after WOII, he bought a small village bakery in Sint-Anna. He went out selling bread using a delivery bicycle. His wife, Mariette, and his parents helped out as well in the bakery. Due to the rationing, the early years were certainly not easy. In search for other opportunities, he found out there was an increasing demand for bread within the surrounding bakeries. He fulfilled this request by delivering bread to the bakers. A golden move as in a very short time he started delivering to many other bakeries.

The third generation

The fast growth caused a lack of space. To solve this problem, we went looking for a new location. In 1996 the possibility arose to buy the current building at the Drukkerijstraat 3 in Zele. The building was fully equipped with new machines, including a second band oven. Two years later, a special building for the production of frozen products was built in the industrial area in Lokeren. It was later expanded with a production line for luxury burger buns and in 2012 the production of patisserie also moved to Lokeren. The company has grown quickly, but the family-atmosphere remained. The third generation, Christiaan and Liesbeth, are currently part of the management of Roelandt nv.

From father to son

In 1972 the village bakery became to small and a second bakery was built, behind the old location in Sint-Anna. Father René Roelandt was also infected with the bakery virus and attended a bakery training in Antwerp. In 1980, he and his wife Marleen completely took over the bakery and continued with the expansion. Because of the purchase of a bandoven, it was possible to produce larger quantities. In the early 90’s, the frozen sandwich entered the market. Marleen and René decided to follow this new development and quickly expanded their clientage.

Ready for the future

We have grand plans to expand the production line of daily fresh bread. The purchase of the buidling from our backdoor neighbours offers us a wonderful opportunity: with the use of various sustainable materials, the new building and our current building will be linked to each other. The new production lines are of state of the art quality, the building will be given a modern look entirely according to the new house style. With this new house style and a modern production process, we draw the traditional quality of the bakery to an even higher level. Considering our delicious products, great housing, modern production techniques and a wonderful clientage, we sure are ready for the future!

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