Roelandt has the appearance of an artisan bakery. Equipped with a fully automatic bread production the respect for the craft of bakery still can be found.

This means that customers can still go for tasty crispy bread and fair, delicious patisserie. To maintain this craftsmanship, we have to meet high quality standards. Our products are still made daily fresh according to the recipe of our grandfather. And the passion of that time is still present after three generations. Every bread that rolls out of the oven is of the same quality and taste.

Experience has taught us that tastes differ and change. Product development involves more than new flavours alone. Recipes change due to the arrival of new types of grains, sourdough or other inredients. This affects the whole product. Our goal is to continuously innovate as requested and expected by our customers. Moreover, it is a requirement that we impose on ourselves. We follow the market trends and keep ourselves informed of the latest developments about food. In this way we can continue to offer the consumer attractive and special products.

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